Fuelled with food and a love for exploring, Nava has grown from a spark of an idea to a mobile application available on iOS and Android, having won multiple awards for innovation. Find out more about what pushed the team to taking a leap of faith into creating what they believe is the future of city exploration.

Nava began in Munich, where Tom and Olivia were studying at the time. The pair explored Munich belly-first, chowing down on all that the food scene had to offer. Once they’d eaten their fill, they expanded to exploring abandoned railway stations and street art in underground hidden passages. They even (hesitantly) sampled homemade vodka from a man in a hidden Franco-Slavic bar. They started posting their findings online which quickly developed a following but realised they were just adding to the noise of content. This is when focus shifted towards tailored content and efficient searching.

Explore The City

It wasn’t all about tasting good food and photographing the city though. With both of them trying to balance university exams with late-night pitch deck sessions and countless business plan drafts, the fuel tank was running low. The idea, meanwhile, was slowly becoming more and more refined.

It was at this point that Kurt joined the team. With his keen, beady eye and knack for fine design detail, he produced a mock-up that they were ready to shout about to the world. The addition of a mobile developer brought the designs to life, and the team was put to the test as they worked, night after night, on creating what would become the first version of Nava.

Co-Founding Team

We’ve come a long way since then and we now have a mobile application looking better than ever, a team growing as much in size as in passion and a partner base including the likes of Visa, London Midland and easyJet. We’re live in 6 cities but watch this space, more coming soon… (Want your city featured? Vote via the app!)

Happy Exploring! Love the NAVA Team!