City Discovery

The key to unlocking the secrets of your city

Nava turns a city into your urban playground.

Dart down alleyways to discover colourful pieces of street art or descend into basements to uncover hidden drinking dens and their apothecary of spirits. Using machine learning Nava personalises city recommendations based on what YOU like to do. No more generic top 10 lists, just beautiful technology and bespoke storytelling. The more you use Nava, the more you’re helping your local businesses. Support the local craftsmen, the independent artists and the creative chefs who make up the character and identity of your city. Dive in and get exploring!

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NAVA - City Discovery NAVA - City Discovery

What makes NAVA different?

Personalised Adventures

We use machine learning to recommend locations that are perfectly tailored to your interests. Veggie? We’ve got you. Die-hard rock fan? We can point you to some of the best stores for your vinyl fix. Whatever your interests, we've got you.

Content Storytelling

Boy, oh boy, do we have a few stories to tell! Read about chefs who went from refugee status to cooking up creative mayhem in the kitchen or independent watchmakers who learnt their trade through the family bloodline.

Bespoke Itineraries

For those who like the satisfaction of a good plan, let Nava give you a little helping hand. Watch as Nava moulds a bespoke itinerary around your interests and preferences, taking into account all things including weather, time of day and more.

The Secret Workings Behind NAVA

Well, we say ‘secret’, but really, we’re actually pretty open about how our app works. Data, when sourced and used responsibly, can do marvellous things. We gather and analyse in-app behaviour to tailor recommendations based on your tastes and interests. Through the use of machine learning, the recommendations improve over time, becoming more relevant. The result? Experiences which you’ll actually enjoy, rather than what the ‘average’ person is into. Pretty clever, huh?

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Our incredible supporters

  • Since using NAVA in London to find bars, restaurants and hidden spots across the city, all my friends keep coming to me for top tips! I point them to you guys!

    John - London, UK
  • I thought I knew everything about Exeter having lived here for the past 3 years. Then I started using NAVA and realised I’d barely scratched the surface!

    Sean - Exeter, UK
  • I’ve spent so much time trying to work out where to go, and always end up in the same places because there’s just too much to sift through. That’s until you came along! You're killing it!

    Ben - Berlin, Germany
  • Since when was there an abandoned station in Munich?? And how did I not know about this before?! As an artist this is right up my street.

    Julia - Munich, Germany
  • I absolutely loved using this app to find unique places to visit during my eurotrip. When are you guys coming to the US? I need you here now!

    Samantha - New York, US