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Everything on NAVA – from events, to restaurants and bars – is hand-picked by our team of cultural tastemakers. Tell us what you like and we’ll tailor our suggestions.

Plus, we show you personal recommendations from industry insiders and local influencers so you can see the city through their eyes.


Recommendations based on where you are and the things you like.


A curated list of city guides and upcoming events: date inspiration, area guides, interviews and more.


Build and share collections of your favourite places.


Plan your perfect day in a few simple taps.


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Our Story

As someone with an inquisitive nature, this app is right up my street! Good duration of content in a city as big as London.

NAVA Testimonial
Rebecca Stevens

Finally some good local recommendations that aren't your typical big franchise names.

NAVA Testimonial
Nicolas Oliver

Solid app. Really good source of local events and venues. Looking forward to using it more.

NAVA Testimonial
John McClellan

Dope app, easy to use. Please launch in Paris soon. Will use it next month when I go to London.

NAVA Testimonial
Steve Smith

The rooftop guide is my fave so far, so useful for finding places to eat and drink, especially with the sun coming back out.

NAVA Testimonial
Tasha Wright

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NAVA is the authority on the places to be and the people that make them interesting. Glide through our bespoke content, save collections and build a network of the city’s coolest hangouts so you're never stuck looking for somewhere to go again.

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